COPA Coursework PictureStudents majoring in College Student Development with the College Outdoor Program Administration concentration will take the courses listed below. This experientially based program is designed for individuals who are interested in working in Outdoor Programs on college campuses. Students take a total of 48 hours: 39 Required courses and 9 hours of electives.

Fall Semester - 1st Year

  • HPC 5410 Introduction to Student Affairs
  • HPC 5380 College Students and their Environments
  • HPC 5820 College Student Development Theories I
  • HPC 5440 Student Affairs and the Great Outdoors

Semester Hours: 12

Spring Semester - 1st Year

  • HPC 5751 Ethics and Law in Professional Practice
  • HPC 5821 College Student Development Theories II
  • HPC 5340 Research in College Student Development/Student Affairs Practice
  • HPC 5790 Group Methods and Processes

Semester Hours: 12


  • RM 5561 Field Laboratory in Outdoor Programs

Semester Hours: 3

It is recommended that students enroll in the following during the summer.

All of these courses are electives.

  • HPC 5460 Professional Practice in Student Affairs
  • HPC 5534 Advanced Professional Practice in Student Affairs
  • HPC 5450 Student Development Institute

Semester Hours: 9

Fall Semester - 2nd Year

  • HPC 6410 College Student Development Administration
  • HPC 6330 Assessment and Program Evaluation in Student Affairs

(Prerequisite: HPC 5340)

Semester Hours: 6

Spring Semester - 2nd Year

  • HPC 6900 Internship in College Student Development (6 hours)

Semester Hours: 6

Students have 9 hours of electives. Total Required Hours for Graduation: 48